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GS-1 Racing Simulator - DriveSimSolutions Webshop

The GS-1 Racing Simulator

100% Adjustable

When we started the design of the GS-1 racing simulator, one of the key design criteria was to create a simulator that features maximum adjustability. A combination of T-slotted aluminium profiles and lasercut steel plates allowed us to create a simulator that is both strong and can be adjusted to almost any driving position.

Driving Position

Whether you prefer a low-seated sports car position or want to recreate the driving position of a minivan, it can be achieved with the GS-1.

Designed for Strength

The GS-1 was designed to cope with the forces that are generated when using high-quality equipment such as Direct Drive steering wheels and Load Cell brake pedals.

Upgrade and Customize

The GS-1 simulator has a modular frame that can be upgraded and customized to your own personal preferences. You can do this now, or later on.

Direct Drive

We’ve gone through multiple design iterations and hours of intensive testing to provide a solution that provides the optimal driving experience, regardless of the type of steering wheel.

When using a Direct Drive steering wheel, excessive flexing of the simulator frame will reduce the level of Force Feedback detail that can be felt by the driver, especially at higher torque levels. The GS1 wheeldeck provides a solid base to make sure none of the Force Feedback detail is lost.

The video shows a prototype version of the GS-1 frame being tested at maximum Force Feedback settings.

Load Cell Braking

The 5mm steel pedal mounting plate is well suited for load-cell braking. Even at maximum braking force, flexing of the pedal plate is kept to a minimum, as shown by the FEA simulations performed to get an idea for some of the most common load-cell braking solutions.

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